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Aquarists often wonder what their water parameters should be in order to successfully maintain a saltwater aquarium.

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Above all else, aquarium water parameters should be stable — wild swings in these numbers create excessive stress on your fish, corals, and invertebrates. The following chart with a good overview of recommended water parameters for marine reef aquariums. We are committed to the health of your livestock and your satisfaction.

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If your livestock does not arrive alive and healthy, just let us know within 2 hours of delivery and we will get your claim taken care of. By following the guidelines below your guarantee process will be painless and quick. See below for information on Day Livestock Guarantee claims. If you receive livestock that is dead on arrival DOA , the appears damaged or diseased or is the wrong animal, you must submit a claim within two 2 hours following the delivery time of your package, as provided by the delivery service.

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We do not require a signature for delivery. For these reasons, it is important that you follow the procedures above so we can approve your claim.

If the 2-hour window is too short, you will still be covered under the Day livestock guarantee. All Day Livestock Guarantee claims must include your name and order number and be submitted via the Contact Page. Before the day period ends, you must submit a of the deceased livestock out of the water and on a white surface.

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No other guarantees are expressed or implied. Caribbean Scorpionfish Scorpaenodes caribbaeus. The Caribbean Scorpionfish is commonly referred to as the Reef Scorpionfish. They dwells in coral reefs on rocky or rubble bottoms, sometimes hiding among the coral or rocks.

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Generally, these fish stay in water depths of 3 to 60 feet. As docile as they may appear, these fish are armed with venomous spines.

Unlucky victims claim extreme pain and burning sensation. The Caribbean Scorpionfish has various colorations, although most are shades of brown, white, or maroon.

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Some specimens may also exhibit colors of yellow, orange or bright red. These creatures are masters at camouflage, with a mottled appearance they blend into their surrounding. These fish reach lengths of 2 to 4 inches, some specimens may get even larger.

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